Meet 15-year-old Kat Goldberg, aspiring archaeologist whose fashion role model has been Madonna since discovering Like a Virgin in her parents’ 1980s album collection (yes vinyl!) in the basement. Clad in thrift store finds of multiple necklaces, bracelets, Doc Martens, and clothing in every shade of black, Kat is working on a hunch: below the streets of her little town of Citrus Grove are ancient secret tunnels built by a lost society. But in order to prove it, Kat must use a few creative white lies about her whereabouts so she can get the time to uncover the mystery of the tunnels. With the help of best friend, Evan, they launch their investigation, even though he’d rather discuss the latest shade of MAC eyeliner than help her dig holes in the ground.

Going on local legend and evidence she finds in Citrus Grove’s library archives, Kat begins her search ten feet below the town she loves. Finding a hidden entrance on the property of one of the oldest churches in Citrus Grove, she is confronted with an odd looking creature that appears out of the mist and is clearly not happy to see her. Though scared, Kat is unstoppable in her quest to find the truth. Things turn more mysterious when there is an old man that keeps showing up in way too many places at the same time as her. She presses on and eventually is led to a nineteenth century irrigation system that holds the secret of the tunnels and the lair of a famous president from the 1940s.

Along the way Kat must juggle AP classes, boy trouble, her anxious BF Evan, and her life at home with The General (Mom), The Softie (Dad), and Demon Boy (eight-year-old brother, Sam). Though these are challenges, she is determined to get her name in the history books, and maybe even Guinness, as the youngest archaeologist with a major discovery.

Sample Chapter

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