Join Mattie and Josh, the sister-brother team who discover the mysterious Chaos Cave. Ghostly breezes chill their spines as they try to interpret strange petro glyphs and a note of warning. The kids stumble upon a skeleton whose bones rest around an ancient Chinese Puzzle Box. Inside the box they find a ring—a ring that will change their lives forever.

Chaos Cave transports Mattie and Josh on A Revolutionary Adventure as the kids travel through time to Boston, 1775. They encounter the evil Archie, who murdered his own brother and now seeks the ring for all the power it holds. While they desperately try to evade Archie, they must also find a way to return safely to their own time without altering the course of important historic events.

Along the way, Mattie and Josh join forces with famous patriots who are fighting for America’s freedom. The kids have the chance to meet and help brave figures such as Deborah Samson, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, and Thomas Jefferson. By secretly using their laptop computer and digital maps made with geographic information systems (GIS) technology, the kids share crucial British troop movements to help secure victory in the Revolutionary War.

Selected graphics from the book (Illustrations © Suharu Ogawa)