GIS has hit literature! “Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure” by Lesley Downie takes young readers into a time-travel and geospatial tech adventure. GIS Education Community Blog

I found this book to be a teacher’s dream…what a fresh, quality addition to books for tweens (and even adults) that can educate, inspire, and entertain!   Doris A. Anderson, Amazon Reviewer

Downie writes fun characters with a knack for humor! Follow Mattie and Josh back in time as they wind up in the middle of the Revolutionary War. Definitely a recipe for an exciting adventure. Brandon, Amazon Reviewer

I’m a sucker for time travel stories, so I was attracted to Chaos Cave strictly on premise. But I also love it when I can track an author from the time they first saunter onto the scene. Well, Lesley Downie doesn’t saunter, but practically bolts out of the box with her heroic yarn that mixes time travel, history and science. V. Pooler, Amazon Reviewer

Downie has achieved quite a feat by combining modern-day mapping technology with Revolutionary War adventures in Chaos Cave! The book is well written, and very imaginative. And as a librarian and history buff, I highly recommend it. Captain Hook, Amazon Reviewer

“The unique blend of historical fantasy and modern GIS technology make Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure both educational and interesting, but it is Downie’s skillful writing, artful pacing and the humanity of her characters that make the novel fun and captivating,” said Mark Stewart, a GIS educator. “This is definitely a story that deserves a whole series!”

Chaos Cave isn’t just a great time-travel science fiction story for middle-grade readers, it’s a wonderful way for kids to learn American history through the adventures of the novel’s brave heroine and hero.  Bruce McAllister, education consultant and author of the award-winning novel “Dream Baby”

“Downie takes young readers into a finely crafted time-travel story rich in adventure that blends GIS technology with history. Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure is a fast paced, character driven novel that both boys and girls will love.” Alethea Eason, K-12 educator and author of “Hungry”

Lesley Downie has written a book that lends adventure to middle school students learning about American history. The combination of technology with adventure and history holds the reader’s interest throughout the book. Deke, Amazon Reviewer

This first book from author Lesley Downie is right on target. Revolutionary war, time travel, tween heroes, good and evil, high-tech problem solving, heart strings, and intrigue until the last page. JWyland, Amazon Reviewer

You should read Chaos Cave if you want to learn more about the Revolutionary War without reading a giant textbook. It was fast paced at the end and I felt myself wanting to know if and how Mattie and Josh were going to get back home. Waurisa

Downie has a winner! Will keep middle-school age children interested from start to finish. And if they’re not techies already, they’ll want to be after reading about the adventures of Mattie and Josh.

Chaos Cave is an excellent, humorous, poignant and well-researched book which will peak the interest of upper elementary and middle school students.

Chaos Cave can be added to any teacher’s “bag of tricks” to educate students about the events that led up to the American Revolution. The book is historically accurate while using modern GIS technology to unfold the story. The heroine, Mattie, is a perfect role model to inspire young women to pursue a career in science or technology. Retired Teacher, Amazon Reviewer

…Another great feature of the book is its readability: the use of information sytems which can be understood and enjoyed by non-techies,and a wonderful treatment of our history just prior to the revolution which doesn’t require a history buff to enjoy. BoBoston, Amazon Reviewer

Our 12-year-old loves this book! His teacher recommended it to him because he’s always liked adventure stories and gadgets. Shamanb, Amazon Reviewer

This book has a little something for everyone. The American Revolution, Sister and Brother adventure, modern technology and time travel. Who could ask for more? slotplaying granny, Amazon Reviewer