Lesley Downie is the author of Middle-Grade novel, Chaos Cave, a historical fiction adventure featuring siblings Mattie and Josh, who use cool maps to navigate through their time-traveling adventures with famous American patriots. A Revolutionary Adventure is the first book in the series, and is getting a lot of attention in schools and the tech industry as a great introduction to K-12 geography, history, and the science of GIS (geographic information systems).

In Lesley’s latest middle grade novel, Tunnels, (Astraea Press, 2014), the almost 12-year-old lover of Double-Double burgers, Kat Goldberg, is determined to prove a local legend true. Sure there are secret tunnels winding beneath the streets of her town which hold the secrets to a lost civilization, Kat calls on her inner Lara Croft to find them. But life is never simple. While juggling a controlling vegan mom and her disgusting soufflés, a crush on the cutest boy ever, and Evan, her Sephora loving BFF, she sets off to uncover the mysteries of the past and make the cover of Archaeology Today.

Currently, Lesley works for Esri, the leader in GIS technology. She shares her life in Redlands, California with her husband, son, and their fat, wheezy, English bulldog. Lesley is a member of the Redlands Fiction Writing Group and works with her writing mentor, award-winning writer Bruce McAllister, and her fantastic agent, Brittany Booker of The Booker Albert Agency. Next up? Middle Grade novel number three…My FORTUNEate Life.

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