My Hometown

The fun part about writing books these days is you can post pictorial elements of your story on social media and websites. And what an opportunity it is. Since illustrated Middle Grade and Young Adult novels are rare these days, what a fantastic way to bring a story alive. So that’s what I’m about to do. Embrace the technology and show you where the tiny grains of how my stories began long ago. If you’re a local, it’ll be clear how much the setting in my book resembles places in my hometown A LOT! So much so, the kids who live here probably don’t need a blog post to clue them in to where my main character is getting into her unique brand of trouble.

Here’s the thing. When you grow up in a place with so much historical significance and legend attached, the imagination is inspired. One of the places which was the backdrop for Kat’s life of discovery in my book TUNNELS (Astraea Press, fall 2014) is this church which has always fascinated me. I can’t wait to do some book readings at my favorite childhood spots (maybe even the courtyard of this beautiful old place?)…and hope I’ll inspire kids to bring their own imaginations to life on the pages of their future stories. BTW…you can also check out other picture posts on my Facebook page.