Where the Story Begins

Zanja Book

Old towns are full of legends…and if you’re lucky enough to grow up in a place full of lore, you really do forget where truth ends and your own stories begin. Since I was a kid, I’ve roamed the back roads, parks, hills, and Santa Ana river beds absorbing the history and beauty of my little town. Writers are born writers and the images we come to love become a part of us. The Zanja (Sankee to the Redlands locals), built by Native Americans, brought water from here to Los Angeles, but for me…it’s the foundation for my story, Tunnels, and means so much more than an irrigation channel which helped water crops all over Southern California.

My Hometown


The fun part about writing books these days is you can post pictorial elements of your story on social media and websites. And what an opportunity it is. Since illustrated Middle Grade and Young Adult novels are rare these days, what a fantastic way to bring a story alive. So that’s what I’m about to…

The Grove School Rocks!

I was asked to  spend a few hours at The Grove School as part of a series of workshops hosted by the Wild Lemon Project. Lucky me got to be part of their initiative to support and propagate love for reading and writing in my community. The school sits among the few remaining orange groves…

Finding the time

Finding the time to write a book while working full time is a challenge, but it is so fun to escape into another world. Whether it’s working on my children’s picture book, “Fat Girl” (based on my old bulldog who is indeed fat) or on my next book, “My FORTUNEate Life”, there’s nothing better than…